Warriors of the Heart

Transform your Pain for the World into a Power for Good

Daily, hourly, wherever we turn, the ‘News’ reminds us of all that has gone so crazily bad, mad and so very sad in our beautiful, beautiful world.

All that is breaking down.

All that has gone wrong.

Again and again and again and again and again and again and on and on and on and so it continues……………………..

For years and years and years on end.

Entire life times spent absorbing this information.

Seeping into our minds, infecting our attitudes and expectations about each other and about life.

Attitudes passed down to our children, permeating schools and communities.

A sort of cultural obligation, or addiction, thinking we are being ‘responsible’ by knowing ‘what is going on’.

It is a huge, heavy burden to bear and it has taken its toll.

We are worn down.

But we have a choice.

Image above: Juan Jose

Learn From Nature.

Transform your Pain for the World

into a Power for Good!

Exhausted and yet hyperactive, we search for the ‘thing’ that will satisfy, relieve, and allow us to relax into ourselves.

We are suffering but we hurry on.

To be rushed and stressed is now normal.

We live crippled by doubt in our world with a tremendous weight of disillusionment, grief and sense of utter helplessness underlying our daily lives.

And still it continues, day after day, the ‘news’ insidiously drip feeding into our minds

so that this is the version of the world we see,

this is the version of the world we expect,

this is the version of the world we innocently create.

And still we hurry, answering life’s accelerating demands,

consuming more to relieve our unbearable sense of failure, patching over our eroded self belief.


But we have a choice.


The shock and trauma to our collective life has shaken us to the core.

Innocently, unwittingly, our powerful minds have been shaped by this repetitive drone of all that is going wrong. 

Caught unaware, we have become disempowered, disillusioned, stressed and fearful.

Paralysed by overwhelm.

We reel in disappointment, sinking, gasping,

clutching for the lifeline we know, somehow, is there,

although it seems almost  impossible to believe anymore.

But we have a choice.


All the time, sweetly waiting, ever willing to embrace us for our innocent mistakes, is quiet Nature.

Quiet, violent, loving, unstoppable Nature.

Learn From Nature

Transform Your Pain for the World into a Power for Good

From the wildest forests and mountains,

to the cracks between the pavements in the cities,

Nature is irrepressibly present.

We only have to turn our backs for a moment and her incredible force re-embraces every surface, any nook and cranny.

Her Nature and Wisdom is abundant diversity and we are built of Her.

She is the knowing in our Hearts that there is another way.


Quietly, continuously, unstoppably, inherently and powerfully,

She is flowing within us all the time.

This wisdom is intrinsic to YOU.

She has built YOU.

Your cells, your blood, your bones, and your heart.

She flows through your veins and tells each cell and organ of your body just what to do when.


The pain we feel about the world, is a signal to take notice.

To make changes, to choose a different way.

It is the knowing that a kinder world is possible.

A world where we live in harmony with Earth, with each other, with ourselves.

The world we long for.



The Wisdom of our Pain.


This pain that we feel is because we are inextricably connected to each other and to Earth and we respond as one life.

It is our pain. We are on this journey together.

It wells up from deep inside.

And there is a wisdom to our pain.

Our pain is a reaction to an inner knowing that insists there is a better way.

May it ignite our core and rock our world.

May we use it as a resource and a reason to choose differently.

May this pain agitate, motivate and activate us to use it as a sign post to guide us another way.


Nature can show us how.



Transform your Pain

for the World

into a Power for Good